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Human Rights Press (HR Press) considers that protests, violence, wars and terror are a direct consequence of the power-wealth contradiction. At least two billion people continue to live in poverty. If we don’t face the roots of poverty, human rights will continue to be violated every day, all of our societies will unavoidably caught in violence and wars. This is a challenge for humans and requires a global response: to eradicate poverty and human rights’ violations.

Most of HR Press members are journalists and writers in exile, we know first hand how important it is to work for human rights. Therefore, we would like to come together to forge for a new unity of purpose. Our experience and commitment working for social justice, particularly defending free expression and a real democracy, became strong in helping to build solid grounds in which truth and justice can build up a peaceful and authentic democracies; one by which humanity awaits.

HR Press, as a not for profit organization, is free from any economic and political pressure. Our commitment is to inform and form public opinion in light of the Universal Human Rights Declaration’s context.

Since July 2000, we are working to reach our goals; certainly it has been very hard. Your generous support is fundamental for us. We need funding for our projects. On behalf of million of peoples waiting for a justice, peaceful and truth, please help us right now.

Pedro Valdez